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Lesbians: Find the Woman You Are Looking For

Whether you are looking for a life partner, or just someone to hang out with. It's interactive, safe and anonymous - until you decide to take it further. Create your own dating profile and add up to five photos. Register now, it's easy!

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Featured Profiles

Not so fancy Nancy
Orientation - Age: Lesbian - 62
General Info:
I'm originally from Pennsylvania, and have been on
the west coast of Florida for 14 years. I enjoy
watching all sports, especially baseball! I was
too busy playing sports when I was younger, and
never had time to learn how to cook...help! I
~Take My Hand~
Orientation - Age: Lesbian - 62
General Info:
I am... Down to earth, kind, sensitive, funny, shy
at times and drama free. I find beauty in the
simple things others often miss. I believe in
love... tranquility... passion... honor...
following my heart... chasing dreams...
enjoying each b...
My Love, where are you!
Orientation - Age: Lesbian - 71
General Info:
Let's go back to the basics of dating, with the
richness within one's heart/soul. Dating and
enjoying ones company. A challenge of coming up
with ideas of activities to do with the least
amount of money spent. The excitement that was
shared, lik...
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