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Lesbians: Find the Woman You Are Looking For

Whether you are looking for a life partner, or just someone to hang out with. It's interactive, safe and anonymous - until you decide to take it further. Create your own dating profile and add up to five photos. Register now, it's easy!

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Featured Profiles

waiting and wondering
Orientation - Age: Lesbian - 48
General Info:
I love being a Mom - even when it's hard. I love
reading a great book - while lazing in a hammock
on a warm afternoon. I love creating gardens,
enjoying the beach, being kind to others.
I'm in it for the love and companionship
Orientation - Age: Lesbian - 63
General Info:
I am not very religious and do not feel the need
to go to church to be spiritual but I have
attended some church services in the past. I am a
scientist/nature lover by inclination and
training. I have a BA in Chemistry and MS in
Social Work. I a...
Please say HI. I promise I will.
Orientation - Age: Lesbian - 56
General Info:
I guess once you've known love, you're more
willing to do it again. I didn't know love until
I came out a few years back. Oh, how I loved her.
But a huge issue kept us apart. I have no
regrets. I've glimpsed at love a few times since
then, ...
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