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How do I sign up?
Simply click the "Register" button.
Then all you have to do is enter your email address, choose a user name and password.
Enter your first name only, your orientation, age, country and the orientation you are most interested in meeting.
Please check the box to indicate that you are at least 18 years old and have read the terms and conditions.
You may then click SIGN IN to complete your profile. You will also receive a welcome email.
What is a username?
A username is your alias on the site. Your username is what other members will see when they access your profile instead of your real name. Username should be in a Alpha-numeric form but at least 3 characters not exceeding 15 characters. Usernames must not have spaces or special characters such as (@--#%^&_*+). If your username is taken try putting some numbers before or after the name (example: 123Suzy or Suzy123).
Messaging Problems
Is the same contact showing up on your messaging form every time?
This is usually because of your browser cache or cookies.
1) Try clearing your cache and browsing history first. You might need to close your browser and reopen it.
2) If this doesn't work, try clearing your cookies. It's ok to just clear any prosuzypersonals cookies if you know how to do that.
Here is a link to more information about your browser cache and cookies.
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