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How do I upload my photos?

It's easy to add photos to your profile. Some instructions to help you are written below.

You are allowed up to 6 photos. Please note that your photo should not be larger than 600 pixels in either dimension. Resolution should be 72 dpi (dots per inch). Make sure you have saved your pictures in a folder that is easy to find in your computer. In respect for all of the women using the personals, no nudity or explicitly sexual photos are allowed.

PRIMARY PHOTO: For a better response to your profile and the security of the women using this site, we request that you place a head shot as your primary photo -- the photo that is shown with your search results. This one photo should be a head and shoulders photo of just you ... no flowers, pets, etc. After you upload all of your photos, you can select any photo to be primary by clicking the MAKE PRIMARY link under the photo you have chosen.

EXAMPLE: your primary photo should not be like the photo at left. Instead, it should be cropped like the photo at right. If you need help cropping your primary photo, please let us know.


To begin, simply sign in and click the small MY PROFILE link at the top of the page.

Click the MY PHOTOS link under Available Options.

On the UPLOAD PHOTO page, start by clicking the BROWSE button. Then browse your computer until you find your photo. Click on the photo to highlight the file name and then click OPEN. You should see the name of the file displayed in the Select File: box. If you like, type a description of the photo in the box provided.

When everything is ready, click the UPLOAD button. When the upload is finished, you will see your photo displayed at the bottom of the page. Add up to 5 more photos in the same manner. 
IMPORTANT: Please make sure your photo is oriented as it should appear before you upload it. There is not a utility for rotating or cropping your images. 
The first photo you upload will be the one that is shown with your profile. This photo should be a closely cropped head shot -- just you -- no flowers, pets, scenery, etc. After you upload more photos, you can select a different primary photo by clicking the Make Primary link beneath the image you want to be primary.

You may delete photos at any time by clicking the delete link below the photo.
If you do not have a photo editing program on your computer, you can download one called GIMP for free here: http://www.gimp.org/

If you would like us to help you, please send an email to photos@prosuzypersonals.com and attach your photos.
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