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Thanks, ProSuzy, for Helping Me Find My Soul Mate
Donna and Jan

When I decided to go on the ProSuzy Personals, I had no expectations. I wasn’t really looking for a partner. As a matter of fact I had tried other personals before and didn’t have much luck. This was going to be the last try as I felt like I was getting too old to be playing games with anyone (I had turned 60 the previous November). So, what I wanted was simple.

I wanted to find someone my age, who loved playing golf as much as I did, who owned their own home, was educated and who was not a couch potato. It wasn't long before I noticed someone who seemed to have the significant qualities needed to catch my attention.

Her name is Jan. We exchanged phone numbers and set a date to play golf that Saturday, but decided that we had better meet first for coffee as neither one of us wanted to be stuck with each other in a golf cart for hours if we didn’t “connect”. We set a time for that Wednesday night at the Village Inn in Land O Lakes. I was late and she thought maybe I had cold feet.

We spent hours talking, fortunately only one piece of pie for me but lots of coffee. I remember driving home that night thinking that this could be the one. Jan felt the same way. We had a blast playing golf together, laughed a lot and absolutely enjoyed being together. From that weekend on, we were always together. We genuinely liked each and rapidly fell in love. It was different this time, for both of us. We were able to be ourselves totally, completely.

We were married in Connecticut on July 12, 2009, and honeymooned in Provincetown for a week. We had two receptions, one in Connecticut with 25 people and one in Florida with 65 people. Meeting each other has been an absolute blessing in our lives and each day we are grateful for finding each other.

ProSuzy has changed our lives. Without this website we never would have met; we never would have opportunities to socialize with others in a safe comfortable environment; we would not have had the courage and opportunities to be who we are. -- Donna

Ruby and Cory

Around Sept or Oct of 2008, I placed a personal ad in ProSuzy. An interesting reply came simply stating that the person (whose profile I could not view!) wanted to talk with me; she left a phone number. We talked on the phone for about six to eight weeks before our first meeting.

That first meeting was at my home where I made dinner for us prior to attending the MCC Leather and Lace event. During dinner I was intrigued and amused that Cory kept focused on her dinner plate! We took separate cars to the event per my suggestion and were horrified to find out that we were two of maybe five people there. Many stuffed mushrooms later, we parted ways after planning to meet for a bike ride on the Pinellas Trail. This meeting was on December 6, 2008. We went to a dance at the Gulfport Casino, it was ProSuzy’s 60th Birthday Party -- separate cars again! Our first real date was the Sweetheart Dance Feb 2009. The dates continued as we drove back and forth from Gulfport to Bradenton.

Finally, a little over a year from first talking to each other, on December 6, 2009 we had a “promise ceremony” at the MCC church in St. Pete. Since then, I have retired and sold my home in Gulfport to live with Cory in Bradenton.

Thank you ProSuzy, for providing the opportunity to find that perfect person through the ProSuzy Personals. -- Ruby

Beth and Deb

I had done the chat room dating thing for several years and many relationships all ending badly. I thought I would never meet anyone who not only lived near me but also had the same likes and dislikes as me or at least something in common. I knew I didn’t have the means to do the on line dating service thing. Have you ever priced those services? I found PROSUZY.

Well, within one day I got this letter from a woman who was also looking for a fresh start. We lived near each other so we decided to meet for a date. We agreed to meet at Applebee’s in Brooksville. At first glance I saw this fiery head of spiky red hair. WOW!! We had a very nice lunch. She told me all about herself and I think I got a few words in. She had the greatest eyes. I thought they smiled along with her face, if you can understand that! I would have liked to see her again but we went our separate ways.

A few days passed and I got an email from her and she said she was going to give her girlfriend another chance. So I went on with my life, back and forth with my own exes. Then time passed and I resigned myself to the fact that I may just be a party of one for the rest of my life. So I just let it be. Stopped looking sort of speak.

One day as I sat at the stop light near my house, I was pondering whether to turn right to go to Wal-Mart or left to go get a haircut. Well I turned right. I got my shopping cart and suddenly I felt a little hungry. As I was looking up at the menu board a voice asked me, “are you trying to decide?” I looked at her and said, "I’m not really sure if I want anything”. She chuckled and I walked away and didn’t give it a second thought. Well it was March 17th, St Patrick’s Day and I was looking for a good pot for making corned beef and cabbage. Then up the aisle I saw the same woman approaching me. She asked, “Is your name Deb”? I said “yes”, thinking it was one of my dog grooming customers. How else would I know her? She said, "My name is Beth, do you remember me?” Well yes I did. It had been nearly three years but I remembered her.

I called her that night and we caught up. I was intrigued by her openness and honesty so I asked her out. We went to Waterside where I did karaoke. I sing pretty well and I find it to be a good icebreaker. We spent the rest of the evening talking. She has the best “smiling eyes” I had ever seen. I was hooked. Fast forward now. We celebrate our anniversary on March 17th, St Patty’s Day.

Thanks PROSUZY for giving women like me a place to meet our soul mate. -- Deb

Katherine and Melissa

Our first contact on the ProSuzy Personals was November 17, 2006. I decided this would be the last post I would make and if someone responded ok; if not I would give up. At the same time in Port Charlotte, FL, Kate was looking on ProSuzy thinking the same thing.

I saw her profile and she sounded very nice so I responded. It was on Friday, November 17, 2006. She replied after looking at my profile, said she liked my smile. I answered back, then nothing. Little did I know she didn’t have a computer; she was using the one from work. I didn’t hear a thing so by Monday I had given up on hearing from her. Then the next time I checked my email, there was her response.

We burned up the phone lines for a couple days and decided to meet. Kate was coming to my house to meet me. We connected so quick that on Thanksgiving Day November 23, 2006 I texted her and asked her to marry me. She said yes before we had ever met in person. She came up the next day. I lived in Dade City at the time.

When we met in person it was love at first sight for me; Katherine said it was love at first kiss. She spent the weekend, and came up three or four times a week driving back every morning for work. She spent every weekend. By December 22nd she had quit her job and moved in. We had ordered wedding rings and had a commitment ceremony on December 26th 2006. We had our ceremony on the beach in Port Charlotte at sunset; a friend who is a notary officiated.

We couldn’t be happier. We can’t imagine life without the other. We did have a name change, by the way. I was adopted and I took my birth name back and Kate took my name.

Thanks to our chance meeting on Prosuzy, we have only grown even more in love. I never thought it possible to love another person that deeply, with the exception of my child. Kate is the most wonderful, caring, and loving wife I could ever ask for. We agree that we seem to have “been meant for each other”, like we have known each other forever. She is my soul mate. With each passing year our love only grows stronger, and deeper.

All this is thanks to Prosuzy. -- Sincerely, Melissa